The Old Spice Man: “Hahaha…wait how’d they do that?”

25 Apr

With the prior success of the first Old Spice Man commercial, you know there had to be a follow-up. But did this wonder of  fast-paced witty humor hit another home run? HELL YES. This time we see the Old Spice Man use the same formula: Being Manly + Being the Man Your Woman Wants You to Be + Impossible Semantics + Hilarity, which equaled another jump in popularity among the younger male demographic.

I think the heart of this commercial is not just in the written character, but in the lack of CGI used. It took over 36 takes/tries to complete this one fluid non-stop shot. It’s so fast and amazing you have to watch it over and over. This plus the hilarious character is what wins the hearts of women and men to like the Old Spice Brand. SWAN DIVE!


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