What Is G?… No Really What Is It???

15 Apr

This is a commercial for Gatorade. Yes Gatorade. You may have had a slight clue it had to do with something powerful and meaningful according to the narrator but at the end all we are left with is the letter G. We see a clean shot of some athletes, heros, and some people we have no clue are. I do get what “G” is and what Gatorade is trying to say though.

Well what is it? Gatorade represents the strength, iconic status, and the drive the people shown through the ad have or have achieved. The emphasis on being iconic is represented in the fact that Gatorade thinks their G-Lightning Bolt symbol is so iconic they can just call themselves “G”. Turns out a lot of people didn’t get it so the ad was pulled. If they had just left the bolt in the logo at the end I think people would catch on to start calling it “G”. This ad is excellent and so close to a great iconic name change but they took it one tiny step too far.


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