Sci-Fi becomes SyFy

9 Apr

So the Sci-Fi channel has finally become SyFy this past tuesday, I’m sure most of you know the reason name change is that you can’t trademark a genre.

In order to keep their name they went with “y”s instead of “i”s and dropped the silent c. I don’t think it’s as bad as some have said. I actually like the symmetry it presents in the over all appearance. The typeface they created is simple, yet very noticeable. In the world of logo design, simple wins most all the time.


As for the Design itself, I think it’s excellent. Regular viewers might perceive it as boring, but coupled with the deep purple ” Imagine Greater ” slogan, the off white letters look great with the effects given. I like the depth and the dark shadows, and I think it looks much better than the glossy glass look that’s being overused right now. I especially like the glow the top right of the logo gives off reflecting from the typeface to the background.

The Design was done by Proud Creative which is a Design studio based out of London, go HERE to check out there site.

They also designed the show spot holders like this one. The colors are simple and bold which I like also, and the colored “cards” give off a shadow to coincide with the new logo.


Also check out the stunning Video spots, I like the first one the best ( below ). I haven’t seen a logo in a while this simple that impressed me, I will still be watching the SyFy channel, but will enjoy it a little more.


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