OH HI!!!

5 May

Here is a beyond creepy take on Video Chat service from T-Mobile. It’s shocking to see a head on a persons hand but once you get to the copy you understand that it’s for video calling. Okay, nope still creepy. It’s very creative but I guess holding a head in the middle of a hallway and talking to it means you’re off your meds. Anyway it got my attention so at least… it’s still staring at me.


Oh Sh*t

5 May

Here is a great way to sell your product and a service at the same time. IKEA is known for lower priced furniture that you put together yourself, but some people may still have trouble. The furniture in the back spells out the word s-h-i-t to show the frustration this person probably had while putting together the furniture. IKEA steps in and says they have an Assembly Service that can help. Funny and surprising.


5 May

Here is an ad by Bodybuilding.com. It shows the drive and strength body building really takes. The tagline shows how hard work pays off from repetition to gaining muscle. I like the overall feel of intensity of the as but not sure they need the extra photos to the right. there slogan “Lift Life” shows the lifestyle that comes along with body building. Overall great ad and appeals to the young men’s target market successfully.

Do it Again!

5 May

Here is a commercial with basketball player Dwayne Wade thinking about his next move by his buddies Good and Bad. Of course Bad wants the risk and Good wants to play it safe. Dwayne goes for it and Good gets excited and agrees with Bad. The tagline “Is it in You?” correlates that he drank Gatorade in order to fuel his Bad side to make the slam dunk. It’s a great ad with great perspective of the characters and overall them of the tagline.

If You Asked

5 May

Here is a great new ad from Apple and their new iPad 2. The iPad has struggled at the beginning to capture audiences of why they actually need a tablet device. I think Apple has finally made their point clear that the iPad can be for anyone and whomever you ask will get a different yet satisfying customer. Even though we do not see the customers the announcer is describing we can see them in our minds from the apps the iPad is running and where the iPad is placed. The iPad, if you asked, is now for everyone.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

5 May

Her is an old Camel cigarette ad in New York. It’s crazy to see tobacco being shown out in the open. The other kind of cool thing is the smoke you see is actual smoke. Maybe not cigarette smoke, but still. It’s a pretty great way to gain people’s attention and I love the over all composition of the product with the “hero pilot”. Besides the damaging effects, I think this ad was incredible for its time.

Copy Says What?

4 May

Here is a great Mercedes ad that take the small almost un-legible warning type and uses it for its copy. The cars race across the desert, as they always do, and the business men state the small lines like “Professional Driver on a Closed Course” and “Always Wear Your Seatbelt”. I think it is a creative way to finally know what those tiny statements say and use them in a way that is not overbearing but actually pretty damn cool.